Work Stress


Work stress

Work stress is the mental response that occurs when the work we are doing does not cater our requirements from it, or the work does not match our capability and need, and that definitely is not a healthy state to be in. It can lead to poor mental and physical health.

Workplace tension can affect both employer and employee. Even though some amount of stress is considered to be productive (Eustress), but when done in more amount than what your mind can take, then it affects both our physical and mental health(distress). We don’t usually think that our physical symptoms can even be slightly related to the stress we take, but stress CAN cause numerous physical issues in us.

Workplace stress is caused when the amount of work given, the purpose of doing the job, the time given to complete a task, the timings or hours of job, the training you are given, the skills you have, the freedom you have to take your own decisions at the workplace, the recognition you get from your bosses, how efficient your staff is, etc. does not match the expectations you have from all these factors. Our counsellors help you deal with such situations and help you have the resilience to bounce back from all these situations. They have several tools like stress management activities, affirmations, mindfulness etc, to help you achieve work-life balance and cope with distress.

Dealing with a Tough Boss?

At workplace, the most disappointing experience can be having a discouraging and intimidating boss who cannot trust anyone and cannot give you the freedom to work freely. While it can teach you a lot to work with a firm boss and help you grow professionally. But, if your boss is always giving negative feedbacks, the lack of appreciation then can make you feel less motivated and more frustrated about your work.

Here, our counsellors help you to make the best out of such a situation.

Lack of job satisfaction?

Workplace unhappiness, lack of job satisfaction etc is not a mystery. The above-mentioned causes relating to work stress also leads to lack of job satisfaction. Job satisfaction can be self-analysed by an employee on a regular basis as satisfaction is ever-changing as the environment, circumstances and people around change. Our counsellors help you with various techniques to think more clearly and find strategies to resolve the same.

Is it Appraisal/Promotion time, yet again?

Appraisals and promotions are very important for employees, they can either make or break the morale of the employees. Not getting the desired appraisal or promotion can increase the feelings of self-doubt, self-sabotaging or unfairness, which is why cases of insomnia, depression, or even a brief psychosis are reported in individuals due to stress during appraisal time. It can be even worse for people already suffering from diabetes, migraine, hypertension, etc, especially if experiencing significant stress. Though we wish you appraisal and promotion every year, our counsellors help you cope with situations like these too and make sure you stay in the best of your mental health irrespective of your appraisal chart’s health and give your best to your job and life.

Feeling lonely at the workplace?

Never heard of something like this? Workplace loneliness is more common than we realise. This growing epidemic has received little attention and awareness than it deserves. You don’t have to be alone to feel lonely. Loneliness can be caused by lack of emotional connection at the workplace, you can be in a crowded, happening office and still feel unrelated, unwelcomed, in some cases, even bullied, unfortunately. Impact of this epidemic is detrimental to the mental health of employees. Is this something you can relate to? Speak to our counsellors about it so it doesn’t impact your mental health, as well as your work life.

Working from Home?

Are you working from home these days? We understand the kind of challenge it can be to work from home, especially during a lockdown and pandemic. Working while managing your chores, partner, family, kids or pets can be a task. We hope you keep managing it the best, but let us know if it starts to impact your mental health or becomes too stressful to handle.

Sometimes, job-related issues often bring us to a point where we think that should we continue with the job because at least, it’s paying the bills or should we switch to a better environment. Sometimes, it can also be coming from your desire to follow your passion by doing something completely different. It can be difficult to decide which road to choose, our counsellors help you with your decisions by understanding your current situation, and you.

Stress and the Entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur, you know what I am talking about. Entrepreneurship is one of the most stressful career paths. The factors like high risk, chances of failure, lack of support, perfectionism, financial stress, uncertainty, etc can bring inevitable stress to the table for the entrepreneur. This ride can be full of emotional turbulence. But, to come out as a winner at all stages of life and entrepreneurship, our counsellors help you cope with the stress that comes with this very thrilling career path.

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