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A relationship is an association between two or more people that involves physical or emotional intimacy. Although an intimate relationship is commonly seen as a sexual one, it may also be platonic one: with our family, friends, or acquaintances.

Love, even though an important factor, is not enough to maintain a relationship. Few things you only understand with experiences and introspection. Introspection helps you to understand your own love language as well as that of the other. But it’s a process you might not be able to take up alone always, in such cases, our professionals help you to identify and understand yourself, your partner and your relationship by helping you heal and grow.

How relationship counselling helps:

Therapy approach:

A relationship can require therapy when you and your partner’s communication patterns, beliefs, tolerance levels, attachment styles, needs and expectations, lack of it or over boundaries lead to unhealthy patterns of co-dependency, the toxicity that hurt you both.


Our beautiful love stories do not always end in the “happily ever after”. There can be a lot of factors at play that make relationships more difficult than you thought it would be, like communication gaps, lack of quality time, mistrust, ego issues, long-distance etc. Such break- ups don’t just end our relationships but also break our hearts. When we see a beautiful relationship, crumbling in front of us, it can be heart-breaking. However, in those times, we need to remind ourselves that if one tries seeks adequate help at early stages, breakups can be easier to deal with. We can further use this time to invest in ourselves and learn to love ourselves. Sometimes, we also mistake emotional numbness to healing. It seems better to not feel at all and it may even provide temporary relief in enduring the pain, but it further delays the healing process and makes it more difficult.

Falling out of love:

Falling out of love is common for couples these days. That also indicates that it’s time to end the relationship. When a relationship is more of a burden than support, ending it can be the kindest gesture one can do. But in some cases, your relationship might be worth saving, provided you both are committed to working on it. We help you choose and understand which of the above-mentioned cases fit you better and our counsellors help you to manage yourself and your relationship, in either situation.

Build a fulfilling marriage:

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” - Mignon McLaughlin But, unmanaged conflicts can cause marital problems. However, even that can be used to come out stronger together by proper communication, understanding, and objectivity. It can turn an argument into learning, insightful experience for the couple and can bring back the rainbow of happiness and content in their married life. We help you at every step through the journey of fighting using arguments to gently fighting using pillows.


Dating is assessing someone and seeing if they tick most of the boxes of your checklist of a suitable prospective partner in an intimate relationship. It consists of knowing each other, doing social activities done by the couple, either alone or with others. Effective communication and trust are the two pillars that can turn your relationship around, making it stronger and ensuring it goes a long way. We help you with building it or if needed, repair it.


Friendship is the key to a healthy relationship between partners. Before anything they can be, they should be great friends. Friendship is a comforting safe space. Sometimes when you meet a couple, you are able to see their amazing chemistry has friendship as a strong foundation. Don’t let your busy schedule, ego clash, misunderstandings etc. shake this foundation. Let us help you add the ingredients of trust, understanding, and communication, and make you cherish and relish the dish of friendship.

Marriage counselling:

Marital concerns are more important because it’s easier to take marriages for granted considering it’s a long-term commitment. But marriages should get mended as early as they can so that the further damage doesn’t reach the connected families of the spouses. According to Gottman Institute’s research, couples usually wait for a minimum of 6-years before seeking psychological support to mend their marriage. Try as much as you can but don’t let the stigma stop you. You would also be relieved to know, as per the statistics available on Lybrate (2020), the average success rate for most couples approached for marriage counselling was about 50 per cent.So let your counsellor* act as a mediator between you two and facilitate healthy and effective communication, out of which you will find a solution to most of your marital problems.

*Our prices for couple counselling is different than individual counselling.

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