About us

Our Mission

To provide personalized and affordable counseling and therapy with excellence in quality, service and access. Our core values are Inclusion, Empathy, Hope, Compassion and Reverence.

Our Vision

An inclusive world where there is no room for stigma and everyone has easy access to qualitative mental health support.

Our Journey

Till date we have made a difference in over 10,000 lives across 10 countries and counting. This Journey has truly been a roller coaster but our community has always been our driving force to keep going. Our true happiness relies in watching people live fulfilled, happy and healthy lives. Our journey isn't just about us; its each one of you. And we are extremely grateful for all the love and support you have sent our way.

Our Founding Story

Two friends met over chai and conversations about mental health became a collective, not so sudden epiphany for us.
Those discussions became a cause, our calling. Giving birth to Pink Dolphin Therapy.
Why Pink you ask? Because we are a women led organization which strongly believes in inclusivity and diversity.
Why Dolphin? Because Dolphins are one of the most intellectual and happiest animals. Living happily in a beautiful ocean full of catastrophes.
We believe in collaborative, healthy work environment and workplace boundaries to ensure we are a safe space for not only our clients but also our incredible team.


Dharna & Kavalpreet