It's not just in your head

for individuals

For Individuals

How we feel and think is the centre of how we live our lives, and each individual deserves to feel, think and live the best of their lives by being mentally resilient.

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for corporates

For Corporates

Mental Wellbeing reduces work disability and enhances the productivity of the employees, collectively saving trillons of dollars of the economy, usually lost to non-productivity of the employees.

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Fly, Don't Sink!!

At Well Heard, we believe that if provided the right care and support for mental health issues, everyone can live their life to the fullest and be the best version of themselves. Therefore, we bring to you Well Heard, a community that aims to break the taboos of mental health and make mental health services widely available and accessible even in the comfort of your home.

Mental Health has never been a topic that is easy to talk about specifically in our society. In spite of multiple social challenges, a global pandemic, economic crisis, spiking suicide rates and a constant increase in cardiovascular diseases, we fail to address our one and only driving force, our mental health. That is why, our aim is to make mental health a dinner table conversation. And normalise it as much as gifting flowers and chocolates to your loved ones.

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Gift A Session:

Be an angel and gift your loved ones a therapy session to enhance their everlasting smiles, because flowers, cards and chocolates are forgotten soon but mental peace goes a long way.

Let’s end the stigma and make, gifting therapy sessions as normal as gifting chocolates.

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What People Say

I didn't realize any significant changes at first and thought that this is something that I already know. Later, after a few sessions, I realized that it has affected me hugely, so what if it is something I know but now I'm actually working on it.

- Kumud Poptani

"PHENOMENAL! I was on a slack while preparing for perhaps the most important exam of my career, CAT 2020, when I came across Well Heard. Having nothing to lose I decided to give it a try to and my first session itself helped me clear my headspace so much that I booked sessions on a monthly basis then! I was able to cover 3 months of prep work in a month and cracked not only the exam, but my interviews as well and got an admit to 5 prestigious IIMs! The conception I had that therapy should only be taken if you're seriously ill was proved wrong by a long mile. Over the course of my sessions I was able to firmly plant my feet on the ground, align myself with my goals, work towards them with utmost dedication, and increase my efficiency. The next time I'm at a crossroads in my life, or need to untangle my thoughts, I'd be heading over to Well heard so that things start to make sense! :p"

- Hemant Mahajan

I've had a very positive experience. I find that therapy alleviates some of the pressure of bettering yourself since you don't have to figure it all out on your own. Its been a few months and I now feel more equipped to deal with my problems. I've also had a great experience with Well Heard both in terms of my therapist and their customer support.

- Anonymous

"After suffering for several years, with things having piled up one after another I finally gathered my courage to take therapy. I came to know about WellHeard organization from a friend of mine who was going through therapy himself. I won't lie I was skeptical about it at first. The first day when I talked to my therapist, I remember constantly asking her if I'll be able to get better to which she very politely said that I most certainly will. Getting that reassurance from a professional filled me with a little hope. And from then onwards my journey to pulling myself out my piled up misery started. To be really honest, you are not going to see instantaneous results. It's going to be a gradual process but there is one thing I have learned and that is you will have to trust the process. There were times when I questioned the process and honestly it doesn't help in anyway. Three most important things that I feel helps one to get better are : 1. The will to get better 2. Trusting the process and 3. Consistency A few months into therapy and I have seen wonderful changes in me and I am honestly very thankful to the organization as well as my wonderful therapist for helping me realize my potential and what I am capable of."

- Aditi Dahal

I had a very scared, negative self criticizing approach in life before my sessions with my therapist. The sessions were in good pace and I liked how she listened to what I had in my mind. She helped me in realising that boundaries are essential, being proactive works and also help me in my routine set up. I learnt to look myself in a third person's view and helped me to think about my priorities in a better manner. Also realized that its important to take one day at a time and be present. My therapsit also helped me in facing fears and getting out of my comfort zone. And at an affordable rate at that. Loved the experience. Good going Team!

- Anjali Menon

I can see improvement in.. and It made me believe into my actions and made me self conscious. Therapy is essential and required to gain confidence and boost your own mental power..

- Maleeha Fakih Hajatay

It has been great so far and my therapist has helped me a lot in keeping my anxiety under control and provide lot of resources ( exercises and activities ) to make life better in general.

- Anonymous

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Well Heard does not deal with the cases of psychological emergencies. We are not equipped to offer support in crisis situations including self-harm, suicidal tendencies, schizophrenia and other psychotic conditions. In these cases, in-person medical intervention is the most appropriate form of help. If you feel you are experiencing any of these difficulties, we would urge you to seek help at the nearest hospital or emergency room where you can connect with a psychiatrist, social worker, counsellor or therapist in person. We recommend you to involve a close family member or a friend who can offer support.